Our Store will be closed temporarily ( effective Friday March 20th )  while we assess the safety of our customers and our employees, we will re-open at the appropriate time, If you need to talk to a Manager (760-527-3253)

Edelweiss Bakery  Mira Mesa 

This Store Has Moved into the Rancho Bernardo location  11639 Duenda Rd. 92127

effective 1-1-2016

‚ÄčEdelweiss Bakery

in Rancho Bernardo

Available to serve you  

Tuesday - Saturday    7:30- 5:30

   Closed Sunday and Monday

(858) 487-4338

Flowers are a nice decoration for the ladies and symmetrical for the guys!

Whipped Cream is best served from soon after coming out of the refrigerator,  and Butter Cream if the cake is going to be out a little longer.

White Cake with Bavarian Cream and Raspberry 


Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse

1/4 Sheet Recommended for  15-20serves up to 25

Popular Combinations

The final step is to choose the decoration that will go on the cake. there are many possibilities, we will start by recommending the  most popular , and we will be glad to provide you with a quote* if you can show or describe the decoration something else that you would like. ( it is helpful when you can establish a price range that you would like to stay within)

Step 5

There are frostings that are more popular with certain cake and filling combinations, we will be happy to make you aware of them, After you make a decision on the frosting, you are almost there

Step 4

Step 3

How to order a cake at Edelweiss Bakery

Choose the type of filling that would most compliment your cake selection. (We will be glad to guide you as to what may be the best match.

Select the type of cake you feel would please the majority of your guests, (we can give you some hints as to what is most popular)

Step 2

Decide how many guests you would like to serve, sheet cakes are more economical, however we do make round cakes in a large variety of sizes to  fit your needs. (Sculpted cakes typically start around $150:00)

Step 1