We Have Ready Made and Custom


Most Orders are Made 24 hrs or more in advance

However we can fit in short notice cakes, so give us a call

 we are here to help


Popular Cakes


White Cake complemented with

Bavarian Cream and Raspberry Preserve


Chocolate Mousse Cake




Make your own combination



White or Chocolate Cake






Bavarian Cream with

Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, or Cherry


Chocolate Mousse





Specialty Fillings


Mocha Cream


White Chocolate Mousse


Mango Passion fruit




French Chocolate Chip


Raspberry Truffle


Hazelnut Truffle


Seasonal Fruit



Specialty Cakes


Black Forest

German Chocolate


Carrot Cake


Fruit Flan Cake


Ganashe Cake





Fresh Fruit

Can be added as a Border or

All Over the Top




Baby Shower Cakes




                                                                                                                             Baby Block Cakes





Having a Quincenera or a Debut party?

We make many of the 15th and 18th Birthday cakes

Please come by for a cake consultation!

You'll love our selection and prices too!




We make cakes for all occasions come and choose one of our designs or create your own



Show someone you care by putting a custom photo scan on their next birthday cake












Remember the Candles


We have them Simple or Fancy







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